From restrictive medieval undergarment to statement piece of every A-lister’s wardrobe- corsets have come a long way! Yes, that’s right, corsets have made a surprising comeback in the fashion industry!

Known for their organ-crushing, pain-inducing reputation, all in the name of an idealistic waist-trained hourglass silhouette, corsets defined femininity in the 18th century (No pain, no gain as they say!)

That is until Prada liberated the accessory from its lingerie connotations in their AW16 runway show in Milan last year. Minimalism with a hint of edginess was the key to Prada pulling off the notorious corset which inspired editors and bloggers to sit up and take note.

Kim Kardashian posed for Vogue Australia flaunting her famous curves with a simple white corset belt and an oversized white shirt. Since the shoot she has been spotted effortlessly pulling off a leather corset belt layered over a band tee. Kendall Jenner stood out at the Balmain after party in Paris wearing a pale pink high-waisted corset dress paired with a fuzzy mohair sweater. And catwalk queen Hailey Baldwin proved that corsets haven’t got to be dressy, layering hers over an off the shoulder knit jumper and black leather trousers.

Corsets have undoubtedly taken hold as one of the biggest trends of the season. A year on since Prada debuted the corset belt down the runway, it is still going strong. The best bit? The modernised corset can be worn with almost anything! Summer dress? Check. Over-sized tee? Check. Shirt? Check. Remember, the key to making it contemporary is layering, but how you choose to do it is up to you!