N E O N R O S E // H I G H S U M M E R

behind the sketches…

A NEON ROSE girl is a sassy girl, she’s strong minded and dresses for no-one but herself. She isn’t frivolous with her money and she will only buy good quality, but above all she buys only when she feels that buzz of excitement when she knows she’s getting the best possible designs to fit seamlessly into her wardrobe. The pieces that are a little different but still trend aware and directional that she can wear all season in endless combinations to reflect her inner boss woman attitude.
Our new NEON ROSE // HIGH SUMMER ’17 collection is all about

“a well curated edit of streetstyle inspired hero pieces”


and this season we’ve gone a little more commercial with our colour palette and trend inspired patterns as our customer base is growing and joining us to #STYLEITSTRONG. We’ve taken inspiration from our travel discoveries and used only the best fabrics suited to our designs and price point, We pride ourselves that our collection is built up of premium pieces for a affordable price, manufactured in a ethical factories.

So that’s us and our NEON GROUPIES. The High Summer collection is designed to be specifically streetstyle. The pieces the girls are wearing on the streets that you can’t find in the shops, inspired by catwalks but organically designed to be NEON ROSE. Urban streetwear with romantic and ruffle accents, everything was designed to have a trophy detail twist on an essential piece, amping up the edge 1000% to make it a bold and meaningful collection. From approximately 100 designs we scrutinised, edited and selected it down to our perfect 28 with every piece fitting perfectly into the vibe of

“tough hardware with ultra feminine details.”

What happens during the development of a collection? We take some inspo from the up and coming mainstream trends like this season’s gingham fabric and then our designers add their NEON ROSE flare to it with our original prints such as our wildflower which then inform the rest of the colour palette and other prints and embroidery designs, all built together in-house #WELOVEMCR.


Our colour palette is super unique for High Summer because the wildflower print is so maximalist on black we balanced out with the crimson and the cool toned blues to keep it light, but the maximalism wasn’t a bad thing as when you’re scrolling through ASOS & Silkfred for example it stands out amongst the nudes and pinks… that’s tactics right there.


Changes happen all the time in development but so long as everything fits in beautifully it’s fine, as is our whole vibe as a brand; seamlessly anticipating the trends and making sure we had it nailed...smashed it.


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