How To Dress For the Rain...The British Summertime


...The British Summertime

So, you have your outfit all planned-out in your signature style and you’re ready to nail the day. You wake up and it’s bloody raining…in July…great! outfit ruined.
This happens way too often with the British weather, so you’d think we’d be used to this by now. Well after researching our favourite streetstylers, we are!

Here are the best ways to dress for the rain:

The Trusty Trench Coat; The Longline Sand coloured trench coat is an unmistakeable wardrobe staple for anyone that gives a damn about fashion and lives in a country where it isn’t 40º and sunny all year round. The trench coat can be your canvas to add to, or leave as a minimal staple. For instance; add a pop of colour via your shoe. We are absolutely LOVING the red bootie, so chic. Alternatively, the plain trench with solid black accessories are an easy go-to style that you can feel comfortable in all day, perfect for a day at college or when you’re just trying to avoid getting piss wet through.

If you’re lucky enough to get a few days without the rain and it’s still not the blistering heat you’re dreaming of, you can add extra colour to your trench coat by going green. An ideal colour to pre-empt the better weather without looking like you’ve dressed for the wrong season. You can style it up with some sunnies and a hat and you’re good to go! Then if anyone asks why you’re wearing sunnies in the rain, tell them you’re protecting your makeup and they should do the same (with mascara running down their face…amateurs.)

PVC and Vinyl Anoraks. As kids, we couldn’t wait to take off the cheap plastic anoraks that grandma bought us, but as adults we can’t get enough.

The up-cycled, oversized cagoule and the cool clear jacket in any colour are what we’re obsessing about this summer. Anoraks are a fashion forward girl’s must have for unpredictable weather...and not just for festivals! By adding an extra layer with low opacity to your outfit, you are the definition of cool and can layer up any style with an array of patterns and prints at different levels. Making your outfit anything but basic! no bitches please.

Check out our fave inspo for every girl’s style right here, whether you’re boujie in Louis, or loving the unique indie vibe with a straight cut. Either way you’ll be lookin’ fab and staying dry… and that’s a tough ask in Britain!

Next up, do you colour co-ordinate your outfit with your umbrella?

Like honestly, that is a real dilemma! Do you risk the total pattern clash dampening your whole vibe? Or do you hope it totally works out for the better and is just the pop of colour that you need? Or do you play matchy matchy with your brolly and outfit and look like you put way too much thought into this? For the most part, our outfits involve our hair being styled in some kind-of-way, so we can’t always risk a hood.

There’s also the fact that we don’t own loads of coats with hoods…so we have to break out the brolly and hope that we don’t encounter the super embarrassing ‘inside out umbrella in public in torrential rain scenario (dies inside.)’

So, on the days when there’s just a light bit of rain with no major wardrobe disasters included, your brolly does become part of your outfit. A part that is vastly ignored.

Look at how the streetstyle gals are rocking it below, it looks like it was meant to be! *goes out and buys an umbrella in 15 shades*

In short, If you live in a place that gets a miserable amount of rain all year round, you need to invest in a trench coat, a see-through anorak and umbrellas in all the colours of the rainbow. Easy enough?