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Girl, get a coffee and have a break, you probably deserve it.
We sat down with the babe that is @ellenbrockygirl on an optimistic Manchester morning to talk all things blogging and personal style while getting to know the Lancaster born beauty. Walking the colourful streets of Manchester's Northern Quarter in her favourite combo’s from our brand new AW17 collection she gave us all the inside secrets to her inspirations and the Manchester bloggers you should be following.
So if you’re feeling low on inspiration or just want 10 minutes to escape this harsh reality keep on reading…

The Modern Woman. Ellen wears our Orion Star Print Cold Shoulder Dress

Who inspires you in life?

My mum is without a doubt my biggest inspiration in life. She is definitely the strongest person I know and also my best friend which I'm not afraid to tell people! I definitely hope I end up being like her one day. Also my friends who make me laugh every day and make memories with me I will never forget. I don't have a huge group of friends but I have a few amazing best friends who I know will always be there for me.

What made you start blogging?

I worked in Topshop Personal Shopping after uni and a few of my pictures were posted on the Topshop Instagram which rapidly grew my following. It was very unintentional but brands started to contact me about wearing their clothes and it just kept growing from there!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

The obvious one would be the amount of free clothes I receive. Some weeks I receive a parcel every day which is amazing (however I'm running out of room to keep everything!) and I always have the freedom to choose the clothes I like which keeps my blog and Instagram my own personal style. Besides this I would say the opportunities it provides you with. I have met some amazing people along the way already.

The Colour Contrast. Always beautiful pops of colour in Manchester's Northern Quarter, Ellen wears our Reveur Tee, Prince Of Wales Check Trousers, Sports PU Parka Coat

What’s your favourite Aesthetic style?

This is a very hard question for me as I love to experiment with different styles. I think my favourite aesthetic style would be quite a simple and classic look. When I'm stuck for what to wear in the morning I tend to reach for a white t-shirt and blue jeans with a pair of black boots - not very interesting I know but it always looks good! The bloggers I follow all seem to have quite classic styles too. My wardrobe staples would be a white t-shirt, leather jacket, blue jeans, a black blazer and some killer boots.

What blogs / magazines do you read?

I never tend to read the same magazines all the time. Some months I will buy vogue and Elle, and other months I will prefer buying independent magazines. I love going into Magma in Manchester and flicking through their amazing selection. I am big into photography so this is a big thing for me when choosing to buy a magazine. There are only a small variety of blogs I actually take the time to go on and read. Yanin's blog , Hannah Crosskey, Shot From the Street and Megan Ellaby.

Claim to fame. Peaky Blinders was filmed down this road! Tom Hardy was stood right here, oh yes.
Ellen wears our Liberte Tee, O-Ring Paperbag Trousers, Red Wet Look Trench Coat

Were you always into fashion / personal style?

Yes I have always been into Fashion from a young age and I guess it really started for me in high school. I wouldn't particularly follow the crowd with what I wore and I always liked being a bit weird and different and I went on to study Fashion Styling at Salford Uni. My intention was to become a stylist and I always dreamed of styling shoots for big magazines, however I somehow ended up styling myself instead!

What / who inspires your style?

I'd say my main style inspiration comes from other bloggers. There are so many girls trying to compete in the blogging and Instagram world nowadays, however there are still a few which really stand out as having truly great style to me. My all time favourite blogger is Yanin from @prettysickly and I have followed her for years. I love her laid back, simple styling! My guilty pleasure style icons are Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. These two gals have got to be at the top of my most searched outfits on Pinterest and I can't get enough of them.

So good we had to see it twice. The Sophisticate. Ellen wears our Louisa Leopard Babydoll Dressand Oversized Canvas Trench Coat

Do you like working with new brands or do you like to stick to brands you know?

I'd have to say I love doing both equally. There are a few brands I work with every month which is great and builds relationships, however there is nothing better than finding a new brand you instantly fall in love with. Brands have approached me which I probably never would have discovered otherwise, and it is also great to promote smaller more independent brands who have amazing products.

The perfect brunch date. Ellen wears our Louisa Leopard Wrap Dress

Who normally takes your images for you?

Luckily I know quite a few photographers in Manchester from when I was at uni so I have a few go-to photographers I shoot with on a regular basis, however my mum loves to help out when she can too and we get to spend some quality mum and daughter time together. It can be hard finding the time to shoot as I work a full time job too so I often get my friends involved without giving them much choice.

Do you hope to make blogging your full time career?

Yes I would love to become a full time blogger. At the moment I find it hard to balance blogging, work and a social life as I work full time too and it is all very time consuming! I would love to be able to dedicate all my time to creating amazing content for my followers and working with amazing people and brands.

Can we just.. Pieces you may think were for more special occasions styled to suit an afternoon in the city. Ellen wears our Louisa Leopard Babydoll Dress and Wet Look Mongolian Jacket

What did you study and at which university?

I studied Fashion Styling and Image Making at Salford Uni. I absolutely loved my whole time on the course and I couldn't fault it whatsoever. I learnt so much from my tutors and I really dedicated my time at uni to doing well resulting in me graduating with a first. It has definitely played a big part in who I am today!

Favourite place in Manchester

I have 2 favourite places in Manchester. Considering my favourite things to do are eat and drink (apart from shopping) I would have to say they are Crazy Pedro's and 2022. Crazy Pedro's do the best pizza and 2022 is where I always end up dancing to drake on a Saturday night.

From afternoon brunch to kicking it street style. Ellen wears our Chevron Knit Jumper and matching Sports Knit Stripe Pants

To finish off our interview with our beautiful and social savvy guest we have some quick fire questions

Blog or Instagram?


Sushi or Pizza?

Definitely pizza!

Boots or trainers?

Boots. I always envy people who really pull off trainers as I love the look of them on other people but just feel far too casual when I wear them myself.

Bar or Club?

This definitely depends on what mood I'm in - I love to do both on a night out!

Favourite cocktail?

Either a Mojito or Amoretto Sours.

Cats or dogs?

I have always been a cat person!

Tea or coffee?

It used to be tea. I could drink about 10 cups a day, however more recently coffee to keep me awake through my busy lifestyle!

So if you're an aspiring young blogger we hope you an take some inspo from Ellen and learn some tricks and tips to grow your blog, and we hope you love the new collection! be sure to tag us in your pictures or use the #STYLEITSTRONG to be featured on our page.

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